Julien Berthomier

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le 05/10/2016

Son activité

Diakse is an independent company wholly owned by its founding partners.
Our offices are located in the city of Paris. Our team spends its time to imagine and develop virtual environments to create lasting links between our customers, product manufacturers or traders, and our users.

And we really take pleasure in it.

We are software developers, designers, photographers, musicians, painters, poets, artists, all lovers of technology and innovation.


Son parcours

CEO & Co-founder DIAKSE

– Aujourd’hui (2 ans 9 mois)

Diakse is the french leader of V-Business, developping virtual environments to showcase your products and increase your sales on the web.

Partner Auzher

– Aujourd’hui (2 ans 10 mois)

Auzher develops connected medical devices able to qualify the respiration of patients through neuromuscular activity detection.
Business development, Technical partnerships (IT and Big Data), IP protection and licensing, Fund raising.

Business and HR Director Sophia Conseil

(4 ans)

Operational management and business development, revitalizing the managerial, commercial and HR policy.

Division Head, Process industry (Healthcare, Energy and Infrastructure) Akka Technologies

(2 ans)

Articulate vision, define unit orientations and develop the business (P&L responsibility)

Business Manager, Pharmaceutical and healthcare Altran

(4 ans)

Develop new business areas and projects from scratch to a team of 60 consultants

GM Assistant Thales

(2 ans)

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